About Us

We are a band of software and phone app developers, business mentors and tax specialists based in the East Midlands.

And yes, we know what it is like to be self employed having all run our own businesses.

We know that you are probably too busy earning a living (sometimes barely doing that). Your receipts journey from your wallet or glove box, into a carrier bag or shoe box and many months later to a bewildered accountant. He may work out an unfeasibly large tax bill that you bitch and moan about and struggle to pay. Expenses get missed and you pay the price.

Absolutely no-one wants you to pay too much tax, not even HMRC, although in their case, donations are gratefully received. If tax puts your business and livelihood at risk, that is not good in the long term for any one including the UK.

The secret of saving tax is keeping detailed records of your income and your expenses. Big companies employ people to count the pennies and that is why they become big and remain so. They use every available tax break. You can do the same.

Here are just a few examples:


The money you put in parking meters, car or van washes, bits and bobs, even meals on the job may qualify for tax relief. But, unless you actually record it, no one will be able to help you get YOUR MONEY back.

You may be much better off claiming business mileage, but once again, unless you detail your trips that opportunity remains closed to you. Being self employed lots of personal items have a business use such as your computer or sat nav.

Putting your forest of receipts into good order will allow you to enjoy some amazing benefits. You can use our reports to forecast your profit and your tax during the tax year not months after just before the tax deadline. You will be able to make wiser financial decisions such as putting profits into pensions or ISA’s reducing your tax bill even further.

You may not even need an accountant! You may even be able to keep that money in the family by paying someone to be your book-keeper and that payment may be tax free to them if they are not working. We hope you enjoy using Monzia.

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Record Keeping

You can easily enter your transactions by text, through the app, or online. This means you will never forget an income or expense and you can update your records in real time.. All transactions can be checked and any errors easily amended so your records will always be up to date and each month you can obtain a free report of income, expenditure and tax due for that period.

Monzia Membership

With our low cost membership option you will have access to all the features and reports needed to manage your business like never before and keep your affairs HMRC compliant. Unlimited management and universal credit reports will allow you to meet all tax recording deadlines. Good record keeping and use of the tax tips will allow you to maximise your income and save tax.